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Unveiling the Power of Juror

Unveiling the Power of Juror Questionnaires and AI in Law

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a figment of sci-fi novels but a tangible reality impacting numerous sectors, including law. In the latest episode of our podcast, we unravel the power of Supplemental Juror Questionnaires (SJQs), shedding light on their potential to increase juror disclosure and combat common courtroom issues, and AI in jury selection […]

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Best Voir Dire Questions

Having the best voir dire questions goes a long way to ensuring higher verdicts. By employing the best voir dire questions, you reward yourself and your client with the most advantageous jury possible. The more advantageous the jury duty is, the better your chances of winning larger awards will be. That’s why sample jury selection […]

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ArtificiaI Intelligence in the Courtroom

Discovering the Relevance of AI and Machine Learning We have seen the impact of machine learning, (the aspect of computer science based on pattern recognition and repetition) on technology, law, healthcare and other areas of society. So it should come as no surprise given the surge in big data, which underpins machine language and artificial intelligence (AI), that […]

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Jury Selection Myths

Busting Old World Myths About Jury Selection Jury selection is the most important part of a trial! If you don’t have a completely fair and impartial jury panel, you may have already lost your case. The purpose of voir dire and the jury selection process is two-fold: To facilitate the identification and removal of any […]

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Why Jury Selection is CRUCIAL to Winning a Case?

Jury Selection Strategy is Key Trial lawyers all have different ideas as to what wins cases. Some say the key to winning trials is the opening statement, others will tell you it’s the closing argument or the cross-examination of the expert witnesses or the direct examination of your client or cross examination of opposing party. […]

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