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​​Avoiding Groupthink in the Jury Room: Using Psychometrics to Predict Group Dynamics

Juries play a critical role in the justice system, tasked with making decisions that have life-changing consequences for the accused, victims, and their families. The ideal jury should be composed of individuals who are impartial and unbiased in their decision-making. However, the reality is that group decision-making in the jury room is a complex process, […]

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Jury Selection Preparation

Plan Your Playbook for Voir Dire and Jury Selection   In preparing for voir dire and jury selection it is vitally important that you have a plan. The plan I follow I call my “playbook.” —Robert Eglet   Preparing Your Playbook: Initial Steps I prepare a playbook for each and every case. It’s a very specific […]

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Why Jury Selection is CRUCIAL to Winning a Case?

Jury Selection Strategy is Key Trial lawyers all have different ideas as to what wins cases. Some say the key to winning trials is the opening statement, others will tell you it’s the closing argument or the cross-examination of the expert witnesses or the direct examination of your client or cross examination of opposing party. […]

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