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Virtual Focus Groups Benefits

Spotlight on Virtual Focus Groups and Jury Research Focus groups can be extremely helpful in gaining potential juror reactions to an array of aspects of a case. While a small research group cannot ‘predict’ a certain verdict in your case, it will be invaluable in helping determine which values, themes, hot buttons and sensibilities will […]

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Driving Down the Uncertainty in Injury Lawsuits

Big Data Potential for Personal Injury Cases Personal injury lawsuits are often prematurely settled for lower awards than they are deserved. The reasons are often monetary: law firms can be limited in pursuing cases due to inability to commit resources when the outcome is uncertain. Add to this, more uncertainty created when lawyers must rely on […]

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Jury Selection Preparation

Plan Your Playbook for Voir Dire and Jury Selection In preparing for voir dire and jury selection it is vitally important that you have a plan. The plan I follow I call my “playbook.” —Robert Eglet Preparing Your Playbook: Initial Steps I prepare a playbook for each and every case. It’s a very specific book I […]

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