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Unveiling the Power of Juror

Unveiling the Power of Juror Questionnaires and AI in Law

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a figment of sci-fi novels but a tangible reality impacting numerous sectors, including law. In the latest episode of our podcast, we unravel the power of Supplemental Juror Questionnaires (SJQs), shedding light on their potential to increase juror disclosure and combat common courtroom issues, and AI in jury selection […]

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Driving Down the Uncertainty in Injury Lawsuits

Big Data Potential for Personal Injury Cases Personal injury lawsuits are often prematurely settled for lower awards than they are deserved. The reasons are often monetary: law firms can be limited in pursuing cases due to inability to commit resources when the outcome is uncertain. Add to this, more uncertainty created when lawyers must rely on […]

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Big Data and Predictive Modeling in Jury Selection

Big data companies have been collecting and mining public and quasi-public information about consumer, financial, health, political, and personal interests of most Americans for years. Data mining and predictive modeling provides a scientific process that leverages the statistical analysis of known demographic groups to provide reliable predictions as to how representative sections of the population […]

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Predictive Modeling and the Future of Crime

The U.S. Department of Justice now encourages the use of risk assessments based on predictive modeling algorithms at all stages of the criminal justice process. Criminal sentencing has long been based on the crime and the defendant’s past criminal record. Judges can now consider a new dimension: the future. Predicting Dangerous Criminals Criminologists have long […]

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A Split Second Can Be Your Winning Edge

American Michael Phelps finished in a three-way tie for the silver medal in the 100m butterfly, his last individual race of the Rio Olympic Games. Phelps and two other swimmers were beat to the wall by Joseph Schooling of Singapore, who set a new Olympic record with a time of 50.39. The three silver medalists […]

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ArtificiaI Intelligence in the Courtroom

Discovering the Relevance of AI and Machine Learning We have seen the impact of machine learning, (the aspect of computer science based on pattern recognition and repetition) on technology, law, healthcare and other areas of society. So it should come as no surprise given the surge in big data, which underpins machine language and artificial intelligence (AI), that […]

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