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Perception bias

Strategies to Mitigate the Effect of Confirmation Bias During Jury Selection and Deliberation

In the previous articles of our series on confirmation bias, aka Perception Bias in the legal system, we explored the profound impact of confirmation bias on jury selection and decision-making processes. We discussed how bias can lead to biased evaluations of evidence and witness testimony, as well as the tendency to favor information that aligns […]

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The Science of Confirmation Bias

Understanding Confirmation Bias in Legal Contexts: The Science Behind its Impact on Jury Selection and Litigation Understanding Confirmation Bias in Legal Contexts: 

Trial lawyers are keenly aware of how crucial a role that the composition of a jury plays in determining the outcome of a trial. In order for the legal process to successfully uphold the ideal of a defendants’ right to a fair trial, jurors must evaluate the evidence that informs the verdict in a fair […]

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