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The Impact of Juror Biases

Every law student learns about Batson v. Kentucky, the landmark 1986 U.S. Supreme Court case that held that a prosecutor cannot strike potential jurors based on race in a criminal trial.  That principle was later extended to civil litigation, with the Supreme Court saying in Edmondson v. Leesville Concrete Company that racially discriminatory criteria may […]

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Supplemental Jury Questionnaire (SJQ) George Floyd Case

Like previously discussed in our blog, supplemental juror questionnaires (SJQs) are essential to getting the best possible jury and, in turn, winning your case. With COVID-19 continuing to ravage the United States, SJQs are becoming more widely used and accepted, even in the most conservative jurisdictions. They are being classified as an essential tool to […]

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Career Page – Join team!

The legal service industry is still on the brink of a ai revolution and we can’t wait to change it with you. Join us, won’t you? The firm launched with the belief that pre-litigation services will be most successful when they are accessible to majority of plaintiff attorneys- without regard for wealth or status. Assuring […]

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