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Jury Selection App for iPad

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Features & Functionality

Automate the juror qualification process with our Jury Analyst iPad app and managed solution platform.

Save resources, time, and money, plus have critical analytical tools and data at your fingertips to help you learn about each potential juror prior to trial in order to move your case towards the right outcome.

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Juror Questionnaire Simplified

With Jury Analyst (JA), you will have a questionnaire database consisting of segmented questions (i.e. personal, employment-related, beliefs-type and 15 different question types), supporting everything from multiple choice to rating scales to open-ended questions.

Questions are all maintained in the Questionnaire Cloud (QC) and are accessible once an account has been established.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]

Built-in Question-Logic

JA offers you conditional skip logic to customize the path a respondent takes through your questionnaire. You can randomize survey questions, which allows you to eliminate any question order bias.

Respondents also have a progress bar so they can gauge their progress through the survey.

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Customize Charts

Customize charts, download them directly to your computer and add them into your own reports for easy-to-view publishing: easy to print, share and present to colleagues.

JA gives you the ability to create a printable PDF version of your questionnaire and questionnaire results, each with unique barcode identification for OCR.

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Filter and Review Results

With JA, you can filter results, find patterns to any questions, even open-ended questions can be filtered. The entire results section will reflect your filter choices.

You can browse individual responses and drill down to the individual response level to see the details of a particular respondent’s answers or read comments of open-ended questions.

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Automated Juror Qualification

JA eliminates the need for jurors to come into the courthouse and wait in line to be processed. Jurors can now securely fill out their questionnaire from any place with an internet connection, using a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer.

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Save Resources, Time & Money

Free up your team for more important tasks as process for juror qualification and sorting documents is now automated. Eliminate need for third party scanning and summarizing. Processing jurors from start to finish is more efficient with JA.

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Develop Winning Juror Questionnaires

Now, in the digital age, it’s certain other lawyers are using similar types of tools against you. Get in the game, get the critical tools you need with Jury Analyst to win even before your case goes to trial!

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JA Questionnaire Cloud

Store results and data on the JA Cloud service. This system will also have the capabilities of reviewing multiple cases where the same questions were submitted to determine in there are any trends associated with similar cases. The system learns as you learn and assists you with questions for future cases.

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JA Weighing Factor

JA’s Weighing Factor is the key element that will assist you in your jury selection. This tool allows you to gauge each question asked of a potential juror, to compare all the answers and provide a summary evaluation on how that person answered all your questions. You can rate and rank all jurors select who to keep and who to strike.

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JA Easy-to-Use Interface

The JA system was designed with a simple user-friendly interface so that it is intuitive for the end user. Now with Jury Analyst, you have a software tool that will assist you in winning cases and understanding the makeup of your jury.