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How it Works


Gain insight into how jurors will view your case

How it Works


Larger Sample Sizes

Provide more accurate results, for better, more confident decision-making on behalf of your clients.

Rapid Turnaround

Get your custom questions answered right up until trial time.

Strategic Targeting

Laser-target jurors by specific demographics and behavioral aspects for immediate clarity regarding your theory.

Jurisdiction Matching

Accurate and true-to-life potential juror demographic ratios based on your jurisdiction.

Juror Bias

Uncover experiences, stereotypes, and important forms of bias that jurors are reluctant to divulge in oral voir dire.


We provide you with comprehensive reports which detail responses and real-time statistical results of your virtual focus group.

How it Works


Less Expense,
Better Results

Evolving your traditional jury research methods to a virtual setting will save you time and money, provide you with a laser-targeted, large sample-sized, virtual focus group for faster, more accurate results, and allow you to make better, more informed decisions before going into trial.

Virtual Juror

Jury Analyst’s Virtual Jury Services platform offers a proprietary methodology. Recruiting is done by targeting a cross-section of individuals from the jurisdiction's census and extracting refined voter files via a data hygiene process.

Design Your Own Research

Virtual focus groups can be conducted effectively and you can design and build your own case study research, customize and integrate questions ranging from open-ended to a Likert-type scale. Also video responses can be submitted by both jurors and counsel with accompanied metrics.

Research Customizing

How it Works

Customizing the Research

Get quick feedback for any of your upcoming cases from real people in the venue you will try the case. Now you can design and customize your own research to evaluate your case in practically no time. Present facts from your case to a carefully selected pool of “at-home” jurors and gather their opinions to determine the strengths and weaknesses in your case to help you astutely prepare for trial and position yourself for a win.

Gain invaluable information about your case, reveal opinions and insights from real people, in fact, a laser-targeted simulated jury pool in your venue all before you even get to trial. This advanced preparation is a very cost-effective way to prepare yourself like never before. With larger sample sizes of virtual focus groups, you can increase the accuracy of your results and help validate other pre-trial research findings.

How it Works

About Our Virtual Jurors

How We Target and Introduce

Many years of experience in the digital marketing space and a rich team history of working daily with various data brokers means we can leverage our access to billions of records from multiple sources to aggregate our consumer database every year. Raw data is gathered from property owners, voter registration files, utility connects, DMVs, behavioral data, and other sources before being integrated into our platform.

Our base, like the courts, have to represent a fair cross-section of the local census population. We then study the patterns of that court’s venue of jury pool recruiting and match that selection.

To prevent the jury pool from becoming stale, new recruits are continually being added. This eliminates the possibility of the “professional virtual juror” and helps insure legitimacy of your test panel.

By adopting an approach that appeals to civic pride and civic duty, we have been largely successful in minimizing, if not eliminating, the “survey trolls” from our data pools. By targeting more of the “civic-minded” people, we’ve been able to attract both individuals with high and low  income levels.

Stacking The Deck

Specific data silos can be drawn from to identify any specific disparity in your game plan. For example, let’s say you want to test against a panel of hard-core conservatives, identifying and using some of our data sources that helped win the past Presidential election could play a valuable role in helping you find the gaps in your next strategy.

Actual Juror List

When a jury list is provided by the courts we can use that list and the details of your Supplemental Jury Questionnaire (SJQ) to create an expanded pool that matches the demographic percentages of your jury pool.

Robert Eglet & Brian Panish
Robert Eglet & Brian Panish

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"We're going to focus group, we're going to do multiple focus groups...and I think the lesson to all the lawyers out there who are watching this even if they have smaller cases, it's worth your while to do some Focus Grouping on your case..."

Robert Eglet & Brian Panish

Virtual Focus Group Research for Speed, Cost Savings, Precise Targeting, and Accuracy.