If you’re planning a mock jury/ focus group big data research study, the first thing you need to do is sit down and prepare a “case summary” for each of your four or six key issues that will be addressed in the focus group. In today’s podcast, Russell Nicolet and I take a look at what makes a good case summary and how this fits into an overall strategy.

Russell Nicolet is the founder and managing partner at his family’s law practice with over a dozen offices throughout MN & WI dedicated to helping his clients and other plaintiff lawyers through innovative industry collaborations.

Dr. Christopher Brydges is an accomplished Behavioral Scientist at Jury Analyst with experience in market research, data analytics, and survey design. Christopher holds a Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Western Australia and is an internationally recognized expert in the field of behavioral statistics and research design. With over ten years of experience in academia and working as a statistician internationally, he has published 39 peer-reviewed papers to date.

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