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The Impact of Media Coverage

The Power of Media Coverage: How it Shapes Jurors’ Perceptions and How Scientific Jury Analysis Can Help Mitigate Bias

The judicial system strives to provide fair and impartial trials, relying on jurors to evaluate evidence and make informed decisions. However, in an era dominated by the media, the impact of extensive coverage on public opinion cannot be ignored. The growth of the internet has made access to information more accessible than ever, and the […]

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Case for Scientific Research

The Case for Scientific Research in Litigation

When conducting social psychology research, the starting point is devising a clear research question, with operationally defined outcome variables. What do I want to know and how can I translate that question into measurable terms? To investigate that question, you then assemble a group of randomly selected participants. You want to ensure that the group […]

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Influence of Juror Personality Traits

Understanding the Impact of Personality Traits on Jury Deliberation Using Jury Analysis to Leverage Psychographic Information

The complex and multifaceted nature of human behavior can often make it challenging to predict how individuals will act in specific situations. To determine whether a juror may exhibit bias or make irrational decisions, it’s essential to have a comprehensive understanding of the context in which they will make their decision and the stable and […]

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Group Dynamics

​​Avoiding Groupthink in the Jury Room: Using Psychometrics to Predict Group Dynamics

Juries play a critical role in the justice system, tasked with making decisions that have life-changing consequences for the accused, victims, and their families. The ideal jury should be composed of individuals who are impartial and unbiased in their decision-making. However, the reality is that group decision-making in the jury room is a complex process, […]

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