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With Jury Analyst,

You’ll join award-winning trial lawyers on a mission to be more efficient and effective with Voir Dire questioning and jury selection to win more cases. Our clients achieve higher results and diminish risk by implementing a scientific data and analytics approach to the jury selection process.

Virtual Focus Group Pre-trial Research

Data Analytics Define a Good/Bad Juror

Meet Client Expectations w/ Confident Stats

Meet Client Expectations w/ Confident Stats

Avoid Jury Bias - Our Science Team Evaluates

Avoid Jury Bias - Our Science Team Evaluates

Astute Recruiting = Eligible Jurors

Astute Recruiting = Eligible Jurors

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Experience the power of combining large sample online focus groups with the personalized insights of smaller live focus groups for a dynamic research solution that is proven to outperform other methodologies in the market.

Community Surveying/Polling

Long form quantitative research studies.

Mock Jury / Focus Groups

Remote viewing with a professional facilitator.

Witness Credibility Measures

Facial analysis and related instruments in non-verbal communication.

Supplemental Jury Questionnaire (SJQ)

Design and test before real-time analysis.

Jury Profiling

Social media and background check research have hidden data points to measure.

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Winning Tactics for Civil Litigation

Jury Analyst is a managed-solution software suite developed around a process of proven strategies by award-winning trial attorneys along with behavioral and data scientists.

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Due to the nature of our confidential high-profile cases our true personalities shine in these lovely avatars. But stop by and say hi at the next Plaintiff-focused organizational event.

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