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Invaluable Jury Selection and Voir Dire Strategies


Jury selection is the most important part of a trial, there is no doubt in my mind that ineffective jury selection could lose you your case. If you don’t have a completely fair and impartial jury panel, you may very well have already lost.


It is much easier to educate a juror to think correctly, than to persuade a juror to think you are correct.
–Robert Eglet


One of your goals as a trial lawyer should be to obtain a jury where your leaders will persuade followers that you should win. Before you can do this effectively, you must educate your jury panel.


Educated favorable jurors get right to work persuading unfavorable jurors during the deliberation process. A juror who speaks on your behalf in deliberations is less likely to back down later to other jurors because he or she has taken a public stand so backing down carries a ‘social price’ to them. Educated favorable jurors who hear each other say things they agree with, form a unity –a resolve– which reinforces one another and creates a powerful force in this group during deliberations. Educated favorable jurors are far better at changing minds in deliberations than any trial lawyer can be, despite how good you are in close. In the deliberation room, these jurors will be much better at it. Therefore, how well you educated jurors controls the outcome of your case especially the size of your verdict. You must educate them with the tools needed to change minds during jury deliberations. This is where the real closing arguments take place!


As a jury expert and award-winning trial lawyer, this is one of many strategies I detailed in Inside the Mind of the Jury Analyst, on how to conduct an effective jury selection. Ever since I lost my “unloseable”case, I immersed myself into learning everything I possibly could about jury selection and voir dire so I would never let that mistake happen to me again. Subsequently, I have won over 97% of my cases that have gone to trial and have had record-setting verdicts. In the Inside the Mind of the Jury Analyst webinar I reveal a detailed explanation on why jury selection is the most important element to winning cases and a primary reason for my success.


Watch on YouTube: Inside the Mind of the Jury Analyst



I am often asked for advice on what tactics work best and how to win bigger verdicts. By imparting this knowledge, my aim is to ultimately collaborate with other trial law professionals in an effort to attain higher levels of success and larger verdicts for our clients. This is “why” I conducted the first webinar, and in it I described some of my extensive voir dire and jury selection preparation techniques. Now I have decided to share more of this knowledge and experience and for the first time, reveal my “playbook” method to winning cases.


There are common challenges we face in this profession and now there is an opportunity to share these challenges and help one another achieve abundant success in a collective pursuit of justice for our clients. Interested in learning more about this revolutionary new collaborative idea? Join me at the upcoming Live Seminar Feb 19th at 5PM PST in the Mock Courtroom (3rd floor) at our office in downtown Las Vegas, NV.


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