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Understand Behavioral Science and Jury Selection


Jury selection is the most important part of trial. The preparation and planning put into voir dire and jury selection can literally make or break your case. You must be prepared at this crucial stage in the litigation process. A jury of fair and impartial individuals is absolutely critical to your success in trial. It can be agonizing when you realize that you let a potentially damaging juror on the panel by mistake, or you were not sufficiently prepared and missed a critical factor that may now cost you your case.


If you’re not using behavioral science in trial you’re way behind. Most trial lawyers speak only to the conscious mind in the belief that it’s the part of the mind driving decision-making. This is a huge mistake and is often fatal to a case.



In the struggle between the conscious and unconscious mind, it’s the conscious mind or the mind that we reveal to others, that appears to be in control. However, it’s the unconscious mind that reflects people’s true feelings and drives over 95% of all decisions.


Robert Eglet’s Upcoming Seminar


Behavioral science is one of the topics Robert will cover in his upcoming webinar. He has been invited to share a unique and successful strategy with fellow trial lawyers at the Nevada Justice Association (NJA) 39th Annual Convention/Seminar. Feeling strongly that it is important to level the playing field for plaintiffs in the battle against well-financed corporations, he has agreed to share his knowledge and expertise with his fellow trial lawyers at this year’s event.


In Robert Eglet’s upcoming presentation, you’ll learn how to develop your own winning voir dire strategy, how every juror is biased, how to recognize those biases, how jurors make nearly all decisions unconsciously and irrationally, how it impacts voir dire, neuroscience and how it can affect jury selection and how to use law technology and the Jury Analyst iPad app and Managed Solution platform in the courtroom. We will discuss these and many more factors that you should incorporate into your successful voir dire strategy.


Hopefully, you’ll be able to attend this year’s NJA convention and seminar. It will be held October 8-10, 2015 in Huntington Beach, CA.


Robert’s presentation will be given on Friday October 9th at 1:15pm – 3:15pm PST


Can’t make it to the live seminar? We are broadcasting this event via webinar. Sign up now to reserve your slot.

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