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Covid Court Delays

The Effect of COVID-19 Over the past several months, the coronavirus has completely shaken the world. The extreme precautions necessary for public safety have created what many news sources are calling a “new normal.” This new normal, which includes the required use of face coverings and fear to maintain a certain distance of proximity to […]

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Plaintiff’s Guide to Litigation Funding

Plaintiff’s Guide to Litigation Funding Cashflow can get tight, especially during the current pandemic. COVID-19 is causing trials to be suspended and creating a rift in the traditional way trial preparation is conducted. This can lead to rushing to settle cases to keep cash flowing. However, this is not the only way to get cash […]

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A Split Second Can Be Your Winning Edge

American Michael Phelps finished in a three-way tie for the silver medal in the 100m butterfly, his last individual race of the Rio Olympic Games. Phelps and two other swimmers were beat to the wall by Joseph Schooling of Singapore, who set a new Olympic record with a time of 50.39. The three silver medalists […]

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